Digital Security

Security is one of our top priorities. Not only do you need an e-mail address and a password to login to our system, but you are also required to enter a 5 digital alpha numeric number which is assigned to your account upon creation. This will prevent anyone from forcing your password and gaining access to your account.

For each business account, there will be segregated accounts which will only be able to perform the action which was assigned to it. That is the preferred method. However, if you wish we can assign multiple roles to a single account as well.

Physical Security

For business transportation we require two tamper seals per container. This will prevent tampering while en-route to it's destination. Much like the plastic containers, our plastic bags will provide a similar amount of protection, due to it's design. If a home delivery is tampered with in any way the bag will reflect this activity, protecting your customers from dispensary to delivery.


When you combine our Digital and Physical Security features, your shipments will arrive to their destination as intended. This will protect the business owner as well as the customer / patient against tampering or mishandling of medicine during shipment.